These cloudy headlights look like yours?

  headlight renewal chester springs Eagle Collisionheadlight renewal chester springs Eagle Collision

You Need Headlight Cleaning, Renewal & Restoration

Cleaning Your Headlight Lens Covers

Headlights get extra dirty because they’re on the front of your car.  Sometimes all they need is a little cleaning up to remove the road grime, tar or bugs that dull their appearance.  It’s possible to clean them with a gentle abrasive.  If you don’t mind putting in some elbow grease you can clean them up in about 10 minutes per headlight.  You’ll need something mild but a little gritty like a baking soda paste or toothpaste.  Wipe paste on the lens in a circular motion and let dry.  Buff with a clean dry cloth, rubbing the paste thoroughly and evenly on the surface of the light. Wipe away with a clean cloth.

Removing Scratches and Renewing the Color and Clarity

For headlights that have become cloudy due to scratches, have a hazy look or have turned yellow, you’ll find the most effective solution is at your body shop.  Not only will they look better – like new- but imaging how much better you’ll be able to see at night!

The Difference is Clear!

IMG_7201At Eagle Collision in Chester Springs, we have our methods down to a science.  In order to bring them back to like new condition with clean bright lenses, we professional grade buffing and polishing tools.

Don’t be a weekend warrior and break out the palm sander.  You can damage your headlights and the surrounding chrome and paint if you’re not careful!  Even worse, you could damage the entire headlamp assembly and these can be costly to replace.

Headlight Renewal Service $55

Come to Eagle Collision in Chester Springs.  We’ll do a complete headlight renewal for $55.

Add on the headlight renewal to any detail service for only $25.